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Full Steam Ahead

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Sometimes I look out my window at the beauty here and I get so emotional. Having subsisted for so long in Inbredville, I forgot what it was like to be alive. We are so happy here! We also walk around a lot in this city – weather permitting. Some days we even walk about five miles. When we go to get groceries, that’s usually a 2.5 mile walk.

Thanks to all of you who commented and emailed regarding my Christmas Without Family. I know next year is going to be surrounded by friends, though this year I was surrounded by my virtual friends. Thank you! :) Next year, my house will at least be in shape enough to invite others over.

Speaking of getting the house more and more in shape, I splurged and bought a compact refrigerator. I figured that I probably had that mild case of food poisoning due to no frig. It dawned on me food that is frozen, thawed, frozen, and thawed again gets hinky, especially if it’s a meat product, so with the new found higher credit level on my credit card, I purchased one. No sense in risking getting sick again. The thing is, some of the food is still frozen from last week’s single digit temps. Even the pickles are frozen still, and we’ve had four days near 40 degrees. Having a frig is soooo delightful, even if it’s a wee small one. I went ahead and purchased one of those mini frigs that have no freezer, so we have more space for regular food.

I’ve also signed up for an online class to be a social media manager. It’s something I’ve been wanting to learn for awhile, so I’m really excited about it. Hopefully I can get some clients soon. :) Plus, it’s great knowledge to have to promote my own stuff, though I have a block when it comes to marketing my own self. I’ve found other people have a similar block. What is it they say…painters are the ones who have houses that need painting?

I’ll also be starting a FREE online ezine soon geared towards entrepreneurs. It will be different from my previous attempt at an ezine in that it will include articles from kicka$$ world class entrepreneurs who are more than happy to share their info, so I’ll have plenty of content to choose from. These are movers and shakers that I’ve had the wonderful experience of listening to these past couple months from various webinars and teleseminars. Anyway, I won’t have to worry if I’ll have contributors for the next issue because these people have articles already written and ready to share. Plus, this ezine will be different in that it’s delivered via email and won’t be available online until months later, so it will have a target audience – those who are ready to stop dreaming and start doing. For those who are already doing, they’ll learn some great tips from the “Who’s Who” of entrepreneurs. After all, no one is ever an expert; we should always be learning.

Written by Screaming Sardine

January 7th, 2012 at 9:49 pm