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Friends, Family, and Facebook

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A couple months ago, I finally got on facebook. And yes…kicking and screaming – lol! I resolved to NEVER get on facebook, but the lure of what a great marketing tool it is finally convinced me. I have to say, I love it! I still don’t know all the ins and outs of it, but I’m bound and determined to learn. After all, I’m starting my career as a social media manager, so I might as well dive in! (By the way, if you’re interested in social media, I will be sharing various tidbits on my social media fb page. Be sure to like my social media manager page to read them).

Anyhoo, on a personal level, I thought I’d look up some people on facebook. It’s a lot harder finding female friends from school on fb due to many of them no longer using their maiden names. I looked up a buddy from high school and was happy to see he was on there, though I sure didn’t recognize him from his pictures. It’s not that he looks bad, it’s just that he doesn’t look like the person I remember – something intangible. I had a crush on him briefly, but mostly I thought of him as a friend. So I tried connecting with him. He accepted my friend invitation, but no answers to my message to him about how the heck he’s doing. I emailed him and told him about how life has been treating me. I sometimes feel weird about contacting men, cuz they often think maybe I’m interested in them in more than a platonic way, so I made it very clear that I’m in MN and here is where I will always stay. (He’s in AZ). I also asked him a bunch of questions cuz he’s my old friend. I’d so love to know how he’s doing.

Instead of answering, he emailed and simply requesed that I send him a picture.

WTF!?! (Yes, I do cuss in my offline life, but I try to be polite online – lol)!

This occurred probably a month ago, and still no word from him. Guess he didn’t like my profile picture and felt that I didn’t measure up to his standards as a friend. (Hmmm…I don’t think his other friends on fb had to “audition” for his friendship with a picture).

I really don’t care what his opinion is of what I look like. That’s not what bothered me. I think I’m adorable, but not in an egotistic kind of way, but in a “I’m comfortable in my own skin” kind of way. What bothered me is that he’s not the person I remember. Just the fact that he asked that question in the first place before he would even interact with me is just…creepy. I wonder how he would feel if men viewed his daughter the way he views women. I miss my friend; it’s too bad he’s not around anymore.

As to family on facebook, I found my cousin that I mentioned in my post about Christmas Without Family. I babysat her for awhile when I lived in AZ. She used to adore me, but apparently not any longer. No word from her either, and it’s been several weeks. My family is icky…there’s just no two ways about it. Well…I should clarify and say my mother’s side of the family is icky. I keep in touch with my father’s side of the family, and they’ve been really sweet. I still haven’t met any of them. Hopefully this summer I can meet my aunt and uncle. My uncle lives in WI and told my aunt it’s only a 5 or 6 hour trip from where I live. My aunt (who lives in GA) is going to visit WI this summer, so it’d be sooooo cool to finally meet them. I can’t wait!

In other news, my pores are oozing entrepreneur and social media tips. I spend hours each day listening to webinars, and I think I’m about ready to gorge from so much information overload. Now, I just kinda sit and listen to the webinars and do other stuff…like typing this post right now! Fortunately, I’ll be letting some of that knowledge out by sharing some great resources in my Screaming Good Entrepreneurs (aka SGE – working title right now) ezine that will be out Feb. 1st. It’ll be a bi-monthly ezine (or izine as I call it, since it’s an inbox magazine). I’ll give the details soon on where to sign up for it. Even though the articles are often geared towards non-artisan entrepreneurs, many of the tips they give will help any business person, no matter what niche s/he is in.

I’m also starting an izine for the local area here – called the Iron Range of Minnesota. It incorporates over a quarter million people, so I’ll definitely have an audience. That issue isn’t ready yet, as people around here are a bit shy in wanting to be interviewed. The SGE is ready, though. Just gotta format it in aweber. Ah…to learn all that techy stuff…ugh! At least my son loves learning that stuff, so he can by my tech guy.

Oh, and I got my first social media job. It’s just a one off, but perhaps she’ll need help in the future. I helped her with SEO and figuring out all her keywords that she’ll need for her blog. Thanks to the classes I’ve been taking, I didn’t shortchange myself and charge a lower rate. What I deliver is top rate, so I might as well price accordingly, n’est ce pas?

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January 20th, 2012 at 1:06 pm

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