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Followers Friday #8

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If my memory is serving me correctly, we’re up to the eighth edition of Followers Friday. Wow, time flies! Today is where I put the spotlight on you, my google friend connect followers. It’s my way of thanking you for following me. Please bear in mind I go in chronological order, so if I skipped you, please email me at iluvffmn at yah00 d0t c0m . Many people’s profiles do not show their links.

Now on to this week’s spotlights!

Rose Vignettes is Rose’s blog where she shares beautiful photos of her home and decor. She has a link party every Friday where you can show off your fresh flowers for some great eye candy. Her profile states that her blog “is really just my place in the world to journal about my faith, craft and decorating projects and recipes. That’s all. No big deal. Our home is a stucco track home, but my style is a crazy mix of French and English Country along with some shabby and garden chic. I think we call that cottage. I love seeing new ideas and sharing mine with you. Sit and stay a spell.”

“Zombie Leah” from Zombies Wearing Helmets is, you guessed it, fascinated by zombies. She’s also fascinated with thrifting and textile crafts. If that’s not all, she has even more eclectic tastes by “collect[ing] zombies, owls, dinosaurs, vintage craft books of all kinds, Betty Page goodies, stamps from other countries, and lots of random retro knick knacks. I guess I could add craft supplies to this list, because I do tend to hoard them.”

Lilith has two blogs – Absolut Lilith and Art in Progress / Wild Art by Lily, where she shares “art, sewing, crafts, journaling, photography and assorted odds & ends.” She describes herself as “[j]ust a professional artist/crafter / writer / dreamer / general no-goodnik who is working with her husband to live a sustainable lifestyle as much as possible.”

Lilli makes some of the most adorable baby shower gifts you’ll ever see, and she showcases them on her blog Confessions of a Craftaholic – One Stop Baby Gifts. She’s a “stay at home mom that loves to create! I have 2 beautiful children that are the inspiration to all my creations!

I also have an awesome loving & very supportive hubby! When I’m not busy tending to my 2 kids, in between their naps and playtime, you can be sure I’m doing something crafty! I absolutely LOVE everything about baby showers, it’s that expectant Mom’s very special day to shower that cute little baby growing inside her. Our goal is to make “her day” the most special day EVER!”

Johnnie blogs at Saved by Love Creations. Her blog is filled with very easy to understand craft tutorials. She is a “joyous crafty blogger” who also has two weekly link parties: one a Stumble Upon linky as well as a Thrifty Thursday party.

Carol from The Polka Dot Closet has lovely eye candy on her blog. She generously shares her how-tos, and you can always ask her any questions on how she does her beautiful diy and craft projects. As her profile states, she is a “lover of all things Shabby, Romantic, and Cottage and love junking, thrifting and anything with roses on it! After years in nursing and then pharmaceutical sales, I am living my dream. I have an online store and rent space in an antique mall in Orlando, FL. I wanted to share my DIY and “How to” tips and tricks from years of sewing, restoring,upholstery, and mosaics. I have dabbled in just about every craft over the years.”

Marisa writes at I Said What??? Her blog is fun to read, and you can expect her to inject her not so shy personality into the mix. As her profile states: “I’m just like June Cleaver, except I swear a lot, my house is usually messy and dinner is NEVER done by five. Other than that, just like her.”

Rae blogs at 723 Plain and Simple. Her About page sums up beautifully her creative philosophy: “I am impassioned about anything old, anything that has a story to tell. I think the more loved and worn an object looks, the more I am drawn to it. I love to re-purpose, renovate & remake. If can be painted, beat up, sanded off, or torn apart – I bring it home. I am a purist when it comes to color and try to surround myself with “white.” Something about white makes me feel happy. I am enthralled with photography & anything I can capture on film.Human faces tell great stories, but the occasional inanimate object will surprise you with it’s voice as well. I relish change, spontaneity, and sometimes just moving an object around or bathing it in a new coat of paint is all a room needs to feel new again. I feel as if creating is more than a past time for me. It defines me, drives me, makes me smile.”

You can find out more about Rae on yesterday’s interview and giveaway!

Janice from The Not So Special Mother is a special mother in my eyes. She’s very honest in showing her human side. She has two children, a son and a daughter. Her daughter is developmentally delayed, with her condition defying any sort of diagnosis. Janice shares her struggles in how to deal with the challenges that come with raising two children who are very different. She also made the plunge to homeschool her eleven year old son earlier this year. I hope she has as much fun as I did homeschooling my son. I started homeschooling him at around the age of 10.

Thanks for following me!!


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July 22nd, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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